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Jamie Corbett

Jamie and his brother Steve founded our company in 1992 while Jamie was crunching numbers as a chartered accountant. He longed to create a business that was full of life, fun and personality. Hard work and determination turned his dream into a successful reality.

Jamie’s family has played a crucial role with our company, and he is a talented and experienced leader in the team building industry. Jamie still finds himself in awe of the incredible changes and improvements our company has made over the years.

Jamie was our President for more than two decades, before taking on his current role as chairman, overseeing the business and offering guidance for the future. He and his wife Marg take every possible opportunity to travel, cycle and enjoy the rich experiences life has to offer.

Murray holds the honor of being our very first Employee of the Year. He spent his childhood on the West Coast and first exercised his entrepreneurial muscles by organizing ski trips and fun neighborhood events in his youth.

In the 1990’s, Murray managed beach volleyball tournaments and met the love of his life, Susan, during one of those beach tournaments. Murray and his wife enjoy off-roading, fishing and adventuring with their two lively kids, Jack and Mackenzie.

Murray joined Jamie Corbett, our founder and chairman, and quickly rose through the ranks to become president in 2012. He utilized his unique talents and aspirations to create an enjoyable and friendly environment that has helped set our company apart. Murray enjoys challenges and strives to leave a positive mark on every company he works with.

Tiff enjoys challenges and embraces the growth and change in our industry. He is constantly looking for ways to improve what we do with his charisma and expertise. Tiff has been with our team since the early days and has been a crucial player in shaping who we are today.

When Tiff is not leading his team he can likely be found skiing the local slopes or playing a round of golf. He also loves to spend time outdoors with his son, wife and dog. One day Tiff hopes to take his adventures to Africa and conquer the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Jules takes every opportunity to enjoy the beauty and excitement of the outdoors. Some of her favourite outdoor adventures include snowshoeing, hiking, snowboarding and golfing. She is a passionate thrill-seeker who loves to visit exotic places and immerse herself in other cultures.

In the true spirit of adventure, Jules has pursued several different industries in her career, including photography and restaurant management in multiple countries. After a time, Jules became restless to return to her roots in the events industry, and she joined our events team.

In her role, Jules has traveled to many beautiful areas, including Costa Rica, Barcelona and Puerto Rico. She has also traveled extensively in the U.S. and Canada. When not on the road leading our events team she can be found exploring the mountains in her backyard.

Isla has travelled to all corners of the world with her most recent explorations through Central and South America with her husband and son. She has crossed six continents off of her bucket list already with hopes to complete the journey soon. Isla thrives on the diversity of culture and the people she finds in her travels. Having been through so many amazing places, she feels confident that she can overcome nearly any challenge that life throws at her.

Isla’s focus on customer service started back when she was a deckhand on a large fishing boat and has continued ever since. She lives by the motto, “Work hard, play harder and respect others”.

Datis started kickboxing when he was just three years old, and always had ambitions of becoming a professional. After seriously training for over a decade and a half, entering numerous competitions, and taking some serious blows, Datis had a realization: he could use his head outside of the ring as well.

Now, Datis dedicates his time to the wonderful world of marketing. He loves being able to bring his in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm to help customers discover the top employee training and team building activities.

In his spare time, Datis enjoys eating amazing food, and participating in thrilling adventures like bungee jumping and cliff diving.

His favorite piece of advice? “Don’t quit your daydream.”

Sarah loves her job because it means that she gets to interact with amazing people all day, every day. She’s a social butterfly who really enjoys getting to know people, making new connections, and developing bonds with her coworkers. Her experience in the field of HR make her a great fit on the team, and she brings a lot of knowledge and expertise to the role.

When she’s not at work, you can usually find Sarah engaging with the local music scene in some way. Whether she is buying new albums, listening to a concert, playing her guitar, or just singing when she’s at home – Sarah brings a sense of rhythm to everything that she does.

She also enjoys long-distance running, showcasing her knowledge of old TV shows at pub trivia nights, and spending time with her dog.